My helicopting, quad-biking, cocktail-boozing, fine-dining birthday in Brighton/Sussex

What a day! Some luxury birthday presents including a future trip to Minecart Madness near Snowdon. After breakfast I was blindfolded (ooh, kinky) and bundled into the car for a mystery tour by my missus. We drove for about 20 minutes and to my slight disappointment had turned up outside an office. When I got out of the car I realised we were at Shoreham Airport. As we walked towards another office I saw the exciting sign of Helifly!

After being greeted by the pilot and a few moments hanging around watching the seagulls getting moved on from the airfield we were treated to an aerial tour of the south coast past Brighton, turning inland after Rottingdean, over Lewes and headed back to Shoreham over the South Downs.

Still with a smile on my face and my head still in the clouds we headed over to Devil's Dyke pub. Within the 7 years I've lived in Brighton, I'd never visited this landmark. Beautiful the scenery and the pub food was delicious. The complimentary bottle of champag…

Laurent Garnier mix with video

No birthday Laurent Garnier this year as he was DJing in London and didn't fancy the horrible train journey home. Instead we braved the strong winds and headed to the Globe for Kinfolk's last resident night then to Digital, Brighton for PleasureKraft. Horrible crowd, slightly skanky club but we prevailed to at least dance for hours. By 2:30am we got bored on the same tech-house and headed back for the last 30 minutes of Kinfolk.

This is what I really wanted for my birthday captured in a video.

Future Cinema does Ghostbusters at the Troxy, London

I must have seen Ghostbusters a dozen times with two and a bit of them at my old hometown cinema when it was first released in 1984. I say 'and a bit' as the third time I tried to see it I had arranged with a school friend to meet outside the cinema. As I was so keen to meet him and get good seats I was at the start of the queue. As the doors opened and everyone crammed in my 11 year old mind told me I would meet my friend inside.

Being dropped off by his mother they probably thought I hadn't turned up so called my own mum. Whilst I started to watch the film oblivious to the worry caused, I noticed my mum was talking to the cinema's manager looking very worried but decided to duck my head and try to ignore her. Somehow it worked as my mum and manager went back down the stairs to the foyer. Thinking I'd gotten away I continued to watch the film up to the film's library scene.

Unfortunately, instead of hearing Bill Murray's voice it was blanked out by the ci…

New DJ mix - Fryday Knight

Some deep tech house flavours for your fried brains.

Fryday Knight by Gingerdj on Mixcloud

Pan-Pot Sonar by Day and Night Soundcloud mix

Great couple of DJ set mixes from this German duo

Sonar by Day mixTracklist:
Evaporerar ut fran sitt gomstalle (Original Mix) - MinilogueBurnin - Mihai PopoviciuET2 (Original Mix) - Martin LandskyEmperor feat. Kali (Maceo Plex Last Disco Remix) - Kali, Ali LoveMagic Bazar (Original Mix) - Luna City ExpressA Better Light feat. Dilo (The Martinez Brothers Remix) - Dilo, Santos ResiakThe Cave - D-Nox & BeckersOver and Out (Original Mix) - Marc Romboy, KiNKPropeller (Original Mix) - Mathias KadenThe Doppler (Original Mix) - Shlomi AberAnother Earth (Original Mix) - Tale Of UsAll the Time (Original Mix) - Tapesh, MaximiljanWhat is Room 101 (Original Mix) - Martyn

Sonar by Night Tracklist: 
Aery Canary - Booka ShadeTrue South - GlimpseBlack Ball - The DolphinsTrashbend - GaiserFraaz - Ron CostaDestination unknown - Green Velvet / C2 Detroit-Chicago Unity DubBubbles - Pig & Dan, Mark Reeve51 Mexicans - Matador (IE)Nighttide LoverGeorge Fitzgerald / Trikk Re-Dub - ManhattanMoteka - Energi…

Another classic French house track: Pépé Bradock - Deep Burnt

Unbelievably I've only discovered this track and cannot get enough of it. Looks like there's only vinyl format unless anyone else can point me in the right direction.

How to insert an embedded Facebook status into Blogger

Following news that Facebook has released the option to embed the HTML code of a Facebook status here's my attempt with a mixed up result.

Post by Sonic Sushi.

Looks like the post will be viewable depending on your choice of browser and if you're logged on to Facebook. If you see your Facebook icon like this below then you can simply click on the 'switch' link/image to turn on the missing post.

Not seeing the above post?
However, if you don't see anything then I'm not sure what needs to happen. Any ideas via commenting would be greatly appreciated (keep it simple as I'm not that technical).

How I embedded the post
Facebook: click on the \/ arrow at the top right side of the post and click on Embed Post
Facebook: right click and copy the code onto your clipboardBlogger: After creating a new post switch the view to HTML and paste in the code

How to insert a Twitter embedded post into Blogger

With news that Facebook is offering embedded posts I thought I'd experiment with both Facebook and Twitter. Here's an example of a Twitter embedded post:
This is amazing. Genuine comment from Daily Mail reader on 2 girls held on drugs charges in Peru (via @LadyM_McManus)
— Natalie Kate M (@Natalie_KateM) August 21, 2013
Been struggling embedding the code with a previous attempt not showing the content. Couple of screenshots to show you how its done on Twitter and Blogger:

Twitter: Click on More then Embed Tweet
Twitter: copy the HTML code

Blogger: Click on HTML after starting new post then paste in the code